ESAA Track & Field Championships

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This form enables athletes to register their own details into the ESAA online system so that County Team Managers have the correct spelling of athletes' names, and so that they have all the necessary contact details in order that they can communicate with you directly.

Data Protection: by filling in your data on this form, you are giving your consent to your County Team Managers and the ESAA to use your data solely for the purpose of entering you into the ESAA National Track & Field Championships if you are selected for your County Team. The data you enter here will be deleted at the end of July.

Note that only athletes can fill in their data here, not friends/coaches/teachers.
Nobody else can give permission for athletes' data to be used like this.

Please only register your details here if you are likely to be considered for selection to your County Athletics Team for the ESAA National Track & Field Championships.

Please do not register if you are not in the top 4 or 5 in your County in the event(s) you prefer.

The email address you give here will only be used to send a reminder to you if you forget your password, and to enable you to log in again later. It won't be passed on to anyone.

If you need to register more than one athlete using the same email address, please choose different passwords for each athlete.

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We need the postcode of your school so that we can register you for the correct County and know how to contact your PE department if we need to. If you don't know the postcode, you can find it on your school website, on any letter you have from your school, or just ask your school secretary!
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