ESAA Track & Field Championships

Potential County Athletes' Registration Scheme
This scheme enables prospective County Athletes to register their own details into the ESAA online system so that County Team Managers have the correct spelling of athletes' names, and so that they have all the necessary contact details in order that they can communicate with you directly.

The scheme is only for those athletes who are likely to be considered for selection for a County Schools Athletics Team to go to the ESAA National Track & Field Championships.

By registering yourself online, if you are selected for the County Team you will ensure that your name is spelled correctly in the event programme, in the results, on tee-shirts, and on the scoreboard. It is thus very much in your own interest to register your details accurately! Coaches / teachers are requested NOT to register athletes on their behalf - the whole point of this scheme is for athletes/parents to take responsibity for spelling their names correctly.

Please do not register if you are not in the top 4 or 5 in your County in the event(s) you prefer.

If you are a teacher / club coach / parent please do not register anyone here just to 'test' the system - you'll only make more work for our already hard-pressed County Secretaries, the idea is to reduce their workload not increase it!

Your details will be made available only to the following people:
  • County Team selectors
  • The ESAA National Championship Secretary
  • The ESAA website administrator
If selected for your County Team, your Name, County, and School will be passed on to local media in your County so that they can report on your achievements in the Championships. Your Name and County will be used in other publications related to the Championships, such as the event programme, tee-shirts, scoreboard, results, and other media.

The data you give here will be deleted shortly after the National Championships, but your County Team Selectors may keep the data locally for their own use in order to follow your progress, and perhaps to contact you next year.

If you are still eligible for selection next year, you will need to re-register then to ensure that your details are kept up to date.

Registration is a two stage process
Stage 1: register your details now

hopefully your PBs will improve during the weeks up to
the County Team selection final deadline on 25th June, so...

Stage 2: login periodically to update your PBs