Welcome to the online entry system for the Track & Field Cup.

This facility is for use by teachers in schools in England only.

This is the only way to enter the competition, there are no postal entries. Note that only one entry per school is allowed and must include ALL the teams entered from the school - eg. it is not possible to make entries separately for girls and boys teams, and it is not possible to make a second entry to add in an extra team.


By making an entry online, you are entering a contract with the English Schools' Athletic Association.

It is no longer possible to pay by any other means other than online at the time of your entry. If you abandon your entry without paying, the entry will be deleted and we will have no knowledge of it.

If you subsequently withdraw teams no refunds will be made. If you withdraw after a round has been set up, you also remain liable for your share of the costs of staging that round.

The following conditions of entry apply:

  • You must be a teacher at your School
  • You need to have permission from your School's Principal before you make an entry
  • Your school must be prepared to host an event if asked to do so
  • You understand that this is TEAM competition, and not for individuals
  • You understand that you become liable to pay your share of any costs incurred in staging the first round to which you are allocated
  • You acknowledge that you have read the competition rules as set out in the event brochure

Website security

To prevent random people making spurious entries, and to verify that you are a genuine teacher at your school, we require you to use an email address assigned by your school. You cannot enter using a personal email address such as hotmail, gmail, btintenet etc. because we have no way of verifying that your entry is genuine. When you fill in the entry form we will immediately email an acknowledgement of your entry to the school email address given.

Your entry will be recorded and accepted when you pay, but in order to protect the data we hold about your pupils, you will need to activate your entry by following the instructions given in the confirmation email, and repeated when you log in. If you do not receive our email within 24 hours, please use the contact the ESAA link on the home page to request help - you may have made a spelling mistake, or your school may be blocking emails from us - either way, in order for you to make use of the online system to follow your competitions we will need to sort out any problem for you.

How To Enter

Entering your teams for the Schools Cup Competition is a simple sequence,
you must have your credit/debit card to hand.
  1. Access the entry form by entering your school postcode below. If more than one school is at the same postcode, you will be prompted to select your school from a list.
  2. You will then be asked to enter your name and email address at your school and tick a number of boxes to confirm your acceptance of the conditions of entry.
  3. If the email address you give is not recognised as being a valid address for your school, you will be prompted to check it, and contact the ESAA if you are sure it is correct. We will then need to verify the address and update our systems accordingly to allow you to continue making an entry.
  4. Check your school details, enter your contact details and which teams you wish to enter.
  5. A pro-forma invoice will then be displayed with a button to go on to pay.
  6. Once payment is complete, your invoice/receipt will be displayed. You can download a PDF version of this to pass on to your accounting department. You will receive an email confirming your payment.
  7. You will also be sent an email acknowledging your entry, together with an Activation Code.
  8. You then need to log in via the Competition Progress option and follow the instructions showing how to enter your Activation Code - that is required in order to verify that you are a teacher.
We recommend that you print a copy of the paid invoice for your own reference - this also contains information about what to do next and how to access details of the competition progress. You will always be able to access your invoice online from your menu when you log in.

You need to enter your Activation Code as detailed above in order to unlock access to all the administration facilities available to you and to view details of competitions, manage your teams, and declare their events.

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