ESAA Awards Scheme
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Welcome to the ESAA Awards Schemes. Registering yourself here will give you access to using the online Award Calculator facilities.

You will also be able to generate orders for badges online - this will assist you at the end of your busy summer term since all the necessary information you need will be available here, tailored for you, with contact details for your local Badge Agent.

Registration is a very quick process - we already have details of nearly all schools in England, so all you need to enter is your name, email address, and answer a couple of questions about which age groups you teach. If you are a club, other organisation, or a school outside of England, you need to register those details via a form presented to you in subsequent pages.

If you want multiple teachers to manage classes in your school, each teacher needs to register themselves here so that they can then log in.

If you work in a number of different schools/clubs/organisations, you need to register yourself separately for each - all the printouts available here have the school/club/organisation name printed in the page heading. You will need to choose a different password for each registration so that each registration can be linked to a specific target.

Please note that the ESAA Award Schemes are designed for children approaching Key Stage 2 upwards - they are not applicable to children below year 3. If you represent a nursery or other pre-school organisation please don't continue to register.

First of all, we'll find your school/club/organisation details
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