Cross Country Cup 2021

Round 1 : Hampshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
123The Westgate School, Winchester
242Robert May's School, Hook
381Churcher's College, Petersfield
4105Ringwood School Academy, Ringwood
5108Farleigh School, Andover
6130Sherfield School, Hook
7132Salesian College, Farnborough
8141The Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth
9150The Gregg School, Southampton
10188The Burgate School and Sixth Form, Fordingbridge
11194Saint George Catholic College, Southampton
12197King Edward VI School, Southampton
13201Eggar's School, Alton
14207The Toynbee School, Eastleigh

Inter Boys

Competition 1
141The Westgate School, Winchester
247Salesian College, Farnborough
373Ringwood School Academy, Ringwood
475The Burgate School and Sixth Form, Fordingbridge
586The Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth
686The Toynbee School, Eastleigh
799Robert May's School, Hook
8160The Gregg School, Southampton
9190Sherfield School, Hook
10192Ryde Academy, Ryde

Senior Boys

Competition 1

Junior Girls

Competition 1
161Churcher's College, Petersfield
273Saint George Catholic College, Southampton
393St Swithun's School, Winchester
4110Robert May's School, Hook
5111The Westgate School, Winchester
6117The Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth
7120Farnborough Hill, Farnborough
8121Farleigh School, Andover
9131Ringwood School Academy, Ringwood
10131The Gregg School, Southampton
11179King Edward VI School, Southampton
12194The Toynbee School, Eastleigh
13199Sherfield School, Hook
14229The Burgate School and Sixth Form, Fordingbridge
15263Oaklands Catholic School, Waterlooville

Inter Girls

Competition 1
143Meoncross School, Fareham
253Farnborough Hill, Farnborough
355The Westgate School, Winchester
459Ringwood School Academy, Ringwood
560King Edward VI School, Southampton
6104The Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth
7121St Swithun's School, Winchester
8128Robert May's School, Hook
9143Eggar's School, Alton
15263Oaklands Catholic School, Waterlooville

Senior Girls

Competition 1