ESAA 2019 Cross Country Cup : Results Index
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This page lists each competition in the Country. Links to each result will be automatically added as results are uploaded by event organisers.

The summary results simply show the points totals for each event in a Region or County. Each event may have detailed results too, although not all Counties will have them - some may only produce results manually on paper, so the full details are not available in computerised form.

The level of detail given in the results depends on the number of teachers available to organise each competition. Some competitions only have a very limited number of teachers so only the team results are available. In the Cross Country Cup competitions some may only have enough staff available to record the numbers of the finishers; some may be able to record the finish times of everyone; some may only be able to record times for one or two finishers; some may not have staff available to record any finish times.

If your County is not listed here, or a school is not listed in your County, try looking at neighbouring Counties - depending on the number of entries received schools might need to compete in events not in their own County.

The Schools Cup competitions are now entirely administered online - the results programs are directly interfaced into the website and rely on participating teams entering details online.

Detailed results will always show the number of the athlete finishing at a given position, but if schools don't enter their teams online before the competition we won't have the names corresponding to each position. All such finishers are included in the team results but if schools don't submit entries online, we can't know who each athlete is!

The list of events, particularly Regional Finals, will be updated as details become available. We cannot list them until we have schools volunteering to host them.

IMPORTANT NOTE These results have been prepared by a multitude of volunteer teachers in their own time as a free service to pupils. Inevitably some spelling mistakes may occur, particularly when they have to deal with unfamiliar names which may have been given to them in what can sometimes be un-readable writing. Athletes sometimes also wear the wrong numbers so their names may be shown at positions where their team mates finished, however, the team result for the school will be correct. Having already given up a lot of time for you, teachers now need to catch up with other school work which they've put off in order to do this. Consequently no one will have any time to go back and correct errors like these so please don't ask. Any such request will not receive a reply.

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Grand Final

07/12/19 at Mount St Mary's College, Spinkhill, Derbyshire / South Yorks

Summary   Junior Boys   Inter Boys   Junior Girls   Inter Girls

Regional Finals

East Central   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at Sibford Ferris, Banbury, OX15 5QL   JB  IB  JG  IG
East Midlands   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at South Hunsley School, Melton, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire   JB  IB  JG  IG
Essex & Suffolk   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at The Appleton School   JB  IB  JG  IG
London North   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at Verulam Park, St Alban s   JB  IB  JG  IG
North East   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at Stewart Park, Middlesbrough   JB  IB  JG  IG
North West   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at Stadt Moers Park, Pottery Lane , Whiston   JB  IB  JG  IG
South East   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at Vizards, Tonbridge   JB  IB  JG  IG
South West   Summary
Event 1 on 09/11/19 at King s College, South Road, Taunton.   JB  IB  JG  IG
West Central   Summary
Event 1 on 9/11/19 at Moreton Morrell College, Moreton Morrell,Warwick, Warwickshire   JB  IB  JG  IG

First Round County Competitions

Bedfordshire   Summary
Event 1 on 10/10/19 at Bloomfield Drive, Shefford   JB  IB  JG  IG
Berkshire   Summary
Event 1 on 09/10/19 at Prospect Park, Liebenrood Road, Reading   JB  IB  JG  IG
Buckinghamshire   Summary
Event 1 on 11/10/19 at Aylesbury Road, Wing, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0NY   JB  IB  JG  IG
Cheshire   Summary
Event 1 on 14/10/19 at Walton Hall and Gardens, Walton Lea Road, Higher Walton, Warrington, Cheshire,   JB  IB  JG  IG
Channel Islands   Summary
Event 1 on never at   JB
Cleveland   Summary
Event 1 on 15/10/19 at Preston Park, Stockton   JB  IB  JG  IG
Event 1 on 04/10/19 at Mount Kelly, Parkwood Road, Tavistock. Devon.
Cumbria   Summary
Event 1 on 16/10/19 at Sheepmount Stadium , Mayors Drive , Carlisle   JB  IB  JG  IG
Derbyshire   Summary
Event 1 on 14/10/19 at Moorways Stadium, Moor Lane, Derby.   JB  IB  JG  IG
Devon   Summary
Event 1 on 04/10/19 at Mount Kelly ,Parkwood Road, Tavistock. Devon.   JB  IB  JG  IG
Event 1 on 09/10/19 at Laverstock Campus,Church,Road, Laverstock, Salisbury. SP1 1RE.
Essex   Summary
Event 1 on 11/10/19 at Campion School   JB  IB  JG  IG
Event 2 on 09/10/19 at Felsted School   JB  IB  JG  IG
Event 3 on 15/10/19 at King John Playing fields   JB  IB  JG  IG
Gloucestershire   Summary
Event 1 on 7/10/19 at Wycliffe College,Bath Rd, Stonehouse   JB  IB  JG  IG
Hampshire   Summary
Event 1 on 14/10/19 at Romsey Collegiate School, Embley Park, Romsey SO51 6ZE   JB  IB  JG  IG
Hertfordshire   Summary
Event 1 on 08/10/19 at Verulamium Park
Hereford & Worcestershire   Summary
Event 1 on 17/10/19 at Bromsgrove School   JB  IB  JG  IG
Humberside   Summary
Event 1 on 07/10/19 at Pocklington School, Pocklington   JB  IB  JG  IG
Kent   Summary
Event 1 on 08/10/19 at Sevenoaks School   JB  IB  JG  IG
Lancashire   Summary
Event 1 on 05/11/19 at Clitheroe
Leicestershire   Summary
Event 1 on 08/10/19 at Uppingham School   JB  IB  JG  IG
Lincolnshire   Summary
Event 1 on 07/10/19 at Snowden Playingfields, Crowland   JB  IB  JG  IG
London   Summary
Event 1 on 01/10/19 at Dulwich College, Dulwich Common, London   JB  IB  JG  IG
Event 2 on 16/10/19 at James Allen Girls'' School (Sports Club entrance), Red Post Hill, London   JB  IB  JG  IG
Greater Manchester   Summary
Event 1 on 04/11/19 at Trafford Athletics Track, Longford Park, off Ryebank Rd
Middlesex   Summary
Event 1 on 03/10/19 at Harrow School, 5, the High Street, Harrow on the Hill, Middx   JB  IB  JG  IG
Merseyside   Summary
Event 1 on 16/10/19 at Calday Schol Playing Fields , Telgraph Road, Thurstaton
Northumberland   Summary
Event 1 on 08/10/19 at Gateshead International Stadium   JB  IB  JG  IG
North Yorkshire   Summary
Event 1 on 14/10/19 at Queen Margarets School, Escrick   JB  IB  JG  IG
Oxfordshire   Summary
Event 1 on 03/10/19 at Cox''s Field,
Suffolk   Summary
Event 1 on 14/10/19 at Woodbridge School   JB  IB  JG  IG
Shropshire   Summary
Event 1 on 02/10/19 at Longford Hall
Somerset   Summary
Event 1 on 09/10/19 at Downside School Radstock.BA3 4RJ   JB  IB  JG  IG
Surrey   Summary
Event 1 on 07/10/19 at Stoke Park Guildford   JB  IB  JG  IG
Sussex   Summary
Event 1 on 11/10/19 at Hurstpierpoint College, Hassocks,   JB  IB  JG  IG
Warwickshire   Summary
Event 1 on 7/10/19 at Princethorpe College   JB  IB  JG  IG
Wiltshire   Summary
Event 1 on 09/10/19 at Laverstock Campus, Church Road, Laverstock, Salisbury.SP1 1RE
West Midlands   Summary
Event 1 on 11/10/19 at Bablake School   JB  IB  JG  IG
West Yorkshire   Summary
Event 1 on 17/10/20 at The Grammar School at Leeds   JB  IB  JG  IG